The arrival of the new royal birth

Congratulations William and Kate

Baby Boy Born 22.7.2013  4.24pm

Monday  8lb 6oz

Prince George Alexander Louis

3rd in line to the Throne


The arrival of the sister of george

Congratulations William and Kate

Baby Girl Born  2.5.2015  8.34am

Saturday  8lb 3oz

Princesess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

4th in line to the Throne


The arrival of a new brother to george and charlotte

Congratulaions William and Kate

Baby Boy Born 23.4.2018 11.01am

Monday 8lb 7oz

Prince Louis Arthur Charles 

5th in line to the Throne 





There is a sense of reflection and many people come together in society 

in August / september to remember a wonderful time of love and devotion 

The Balance of Life the cycle keeps turning .

A sense of letting go and completion of our soul journey.


Saturday  18th  may  2013

September 2013

A time to say goodbye to a life time of service  

A voice  that will be heard in history for future generations    



Friday 8.5 .2015    Election 2015

Consevative won - David Cameron

Labour Lost         - Ed Milliband

Liberal Lost         - Nick Clegg

Ukip     lost          - Nigel Farage

This is part of our history that was decided long ago a sea of blue 2015

The colour red will sweep the country in 2020

We cannot fight DESTINY           


One Day in the near future spirituality will meet science

the medical world and spiritual healing world will be as

one , working for the good of mankind sharing their gifts 

helping humanity to heal 

hospitals , clinics, doctors surgeries , schools , care homes

this will be a joining of  agreed skills and experience that the

earths rhythms and changes now taking place will happen at

the given time    

Listening to the earth rhythms in a changing world and time    



There are many changes in the world this year  New Directions  that some countries will take but balance will happen as new and exciting opportunities are in place to go forward into the future that the world can prosper and flourish in many ways

Employment   Homes     Love

Friday 1st January 2016