About us

My journey started at the age of 3.


I am an indigo child/Adult and able to connect to the spirit world and the angelic realm

An empath that is able to tune into higher frequency and vibration

A natural  healer

I come from  Romany Heritage


I work psychicly, clairvoyantly and use mediumship to connect to the spiritworld.

I Work on


Sister websites to Psychic Today 





I have been working as emily on the show for  years and do private work for some years with clients  i work with many aspects of the spirit world helping and guiding

my name on psychictoday is Emily pin no 4609

Started as a reader on psychic today 2005

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 Est  February 2013

 Free Spirit

 Spiritual  Evenings

 Demonstration of  psychic  mediumship  and  clairvoyance

 1st Evening Thursday 7th February 2013